With a force of nearly 1,000 employees providing services more than 100 goals and apparatus professional management experience Services Company UK Protection Security 24h always meet the needs of customers in every way By the way, any time, any place, with reasonable prices:

Capability Company Security 24h

Some recent major customers Protective Services Company UK provides security 24h security service: FITTING MACHINE CORPORATION LILAMA, SIEMENS Corporation, the telecommunications corporation army, the whole system and the Shop VIETTEL center north and south, Song Than ICD, Cai Mep deep sea port (located SNP) ... .. and has implemented security services targeted at electricity and gas plant Ca Mau 1 and Ca Mau 2 and Nhon Trach power plant with a total area of ​​nearly 50 ha each plant after 01 years of bidding and winning with the participation of more than 12 bidding companies in leading protection from South and North.

If the credit rating assigned to ensure security for our customers, our company will deploy security services to our customers the safest way and maximum cost savings.

Upon request within 12 hours we will send company officials surveying profession specific target customer protection requirements and to plan in detail the most!

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