Listing Client Security Services

COMPANY SECURITY SERVICES 24H has maintained the trust of our customers pleased.

For our company, the customer as a friend. We will always help, support my best friend for this.

During the years, we survive thanks to the word "Faith". Because we believe that, if the word "Faith" we will have the confidence of customers,

if the word "Faith", we will get the true friend and if the word "Faith", our company became a prestigious brand and get people to trust.

Client list of the company security service 24H:

Listing Client Security Services

Listing Client Security Services

Listing Client Security Services

Listing Client Security Services

Listing Client Security Services

With the experience that we have accumulated in recent years, convinced that will make customers feel comfortable when using the security

service that we provide.

Moreover, we also hope our customers can consider us as a friend, worthy of trust, and gave us the responsibility to ensure safety and security

to our customers can be assured of complete Most of his work.

Let us protect you, to maintain security and order in the place you need to us.

Always enthusiastic and try to accomplish their duties well.

Your safety is the top priority responsibility of us!

All information inquiries please contact:


Branch in the city. Ho Chi Minh City:

A/C: 100A, line 4, Ward 16, Go Vap District.

Phone contact: 08 6275 7777 - Fax: 08.3895 0505 - Mobile: 0907 456 457 (Mr. Trong)

Hanoi Branch:

Branch 1: No. 20 Lane 3, Victory Street, Ha Dong District.

Branch 2: 95 Nguyen Van Troi Street, Phuong Liet Ward, Thanh Xuan District

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addr 100A, St. No. 4 , Ward 16 , Go Vap District , HCMC

fax ĐT: 08.6275 7777 - Fax: 08.3895 0505


hotl Mobile: 0907 456 457 (Mr Trong) 

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