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Vietnam is currently on the path to integration with the international community, together with the development of the achievements of both economic and political. Today Vietnam is increasingly attracting the investment of foreign enterprises as well as international tourists. There are achievements that our country is not only due to the natural advantage that Vietnam has been rated as one of the countries with the best levels of security in the world. But along with the development of society quickly as criminals increasingly more diverse. When the company, now launched with the scale and increasingly diverse industries, the demand for the professional security services increasingly indispensable than ever.

Standing in front of the actual needs of society and the passion of the individual work the company founder. In 2010, the consent of the

Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, we - job enthusiasts Protection has decided to establish security service company with full name is: Co. Services - Security Protections 24H (abbreviation: SECURITY SECURITY 24H).
Co., Ltd. Protective Services 24H Security was established and run by the leading experts in the field of security services, ensuring that companies operate professional. Protecting staff of the company were selected and trained in a rigorous training curriculum, compiled thorough, professional training from basic to advanced, ensuring every employee can afford ability to meet the requirements, the actual situation of each enterprise.


(Mr. Khuong Van Trong - Director of Security Services Security 24H)

The motto of officials and employees of the Company we are the moral qualities and health, combined with intensive training. Our company has established a strict management system from collaborators recruitment, training and implementation of regular training to raise the professional level of each staff and hospital personnel. Service system of quality we have achieved ISO 9001 - 2008:


Some types of services our:

1. Security Services infrastructure, property, fixed Teu items:

Security guards are equipped with uniforms, tool support, protect people and property and maintain law and order in the fixed objectives including:

- Building, offices or agencies.

- The bank

- Embassy, ​​Consulate General.

- Schools, hospitals.

- Central apartment, private house.

- Supermarkets, general commercial district.

- Exhibition Centre, club.

- Stadium, export processing zones and industrial parks.

- Plant, Factory, Warehouse, factory, construction works ....

2. Security Services monitoring:

- Human (Students, seniors, ...)

- Fixed assets, mobile.

- Explosion Safety.

- The incident intruders.

3. Service protection events:

- Live show.

- Exhibitions, cultural and artistic performances.

- Press conference.

- Festival.

- Sports events, brand promotion programs.

4. protective escort services, escort:

- Security Services of VIP escorts.

- The foreign delegations, delegations.

- Escort transportation of money.

- Escort cargo of great value, rare objects.

5. Security Services clients:


- Entrepreneur;

- Famous people;

- Foreigners.

6. Service rapid response forces in emergency situations:

24/24 team orders at the company team is ready, quickly react promptly handle situations requiring rapid response rescue goals.

7. Design Services installed security system:

- Surveillance cameras;

- Intelligent lock system;

- Alarm Systems, Burglar.

8. Consulting services supporting security operations:

With a contingent of teaching staff of experienced professional reality we are ready:

- Support for professional training;

- Develop protection plan;

- Guide the organization handle emergencies assumptions;

- Establish processes emergencies for customers.


In the process of enterprise management, the responsible head full of all activities of the unit so you do not underestimate the role of

security. Therefore, the solution uses the services of professional Ltd. Protective Services SECURITY 24H instead organize internal forces Self Employment Protection will be the safest option and gives you many benefits :

I. Benefits of management systems:

Focusing build, maintain and develop the management system according to international standards, our company:

1. Check recruited staff from beginning to sign on, including:

- Admission profile, evaluate appearance and professional criteria.

- Execution of test, interview.

- Check the physical, health screening;

- At the hospital now in the health assessment of communicable diseases, communicable diseases and substance.

2. Train, train personnel protection, bodyguards all based on the practical experience combined with modern scientific methods.

3. Responsible for the entire previous customers in terms of records management, history and activities of security personnel targets.

4. actively collaborate with our customers build relationships with agencies, local authorities, participated in the movement and

people's security, strengthen construction plans, emergency assistance combined with the amount luacj as police outside the ward or commune police fire protection, police 113.

5. Responsible for the entire previous customers to ensure the work of human resources at goal.

- Arrange alternate.

- Arranging holidays, vacation, sick leave or vacation unexpected reason.

6. Change the security guards have regular or kh change request.

7. Implement cross-checking between day and night between the captain and team orders.

8. Strengthening the coordination quickly, professionally when incidents like fire, flood protection goals.

9. Increase or decrease the quick service by phone.

10. Change or termination of contract by a written notice.

II. Financial Benefits

When using the services of our protection, customers will not have to bear the following expenses:

1. To organize the recruitment and professional training.

2. Procurement support devices such as radios, batons, flashlights, raincoats, ...

3. Procurement of stationery.

4. May uniforms

5. The management staff directly and indirectly.

6. Social, Health, Body BH 24 / 24h.

7. Social welfare, severance allowances.

8. Occupational accidents, occupational.

9. Cash overtime, night shift allowances eat ca.

10. Wages do the holidays, holidays.

11. The other expenses incurred.

III. Our company also has contracts with insurance companies for compensation of up to (eight billion) this means that when a contract with us, your assets customers are "insurance".

the paper cover

IV. Other benefits.

1. Protect people, protect property from damage or destruction.

2. Protect property from loss due to theft from outside or inside.

3. Limit to the minimum level to the damage caused by the fire.

4. Restricting the waste utilities, materials.

5. Customers are compensated when there is damage to the property subject to protection.

6. Enhance the cultural value of the company.

7. Provide suggestions, security advisory to customers about security solutions.

8. Security guards professional company SECURITY 24H DVBV absolutely loyal, keep your information confidential customer and


Reasonable combination between human factors and equipment made a service unique to defend our professional. Our company wants and is ready to serve you with a superior professional service.

We sincerely thank our customers for the service concerned of Security 24H!

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